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Board Meetings

The Board of Directors of Rocky Mountain Rail Park Metropolitan District will meet as needed in 2024 at 4601 DTC Blvd., Suite 130, Denver, Colorado 80237. Details will be confirmed on the meeting notice. 

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The Rocky Mountain Rail Park Metropolitan District (the “District”) is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State and an independent unit of local government, separate and distinct from Adams County.  The District is a special district formed pursuant to Title 32, Article 1, Colorado Revised Statutes (“C.R.S.”) (the “Special District Act”).  The District was formed for the primary purpose of financing the completion of public improvements and providing ongoing operations and maintenance services related to the public improvements as set forth in the District’s Service Plan.

The District has the power and authority to finance, acquire, construct, install, operate and maintain the public improvements within and without the District boundaries, subject to any limitation in the Special District Act.  The District also has the power to provide any and all services necessary or incidental to the provision of the public improvements including without limitation the following: Sanitation, Water, Traffic and Safety Controls, Parks and Recreation, Transportation, Television Relay and Translation, and Mosquito and Pest Control, Safety, Fire Protection and Covenant Enforcement.

The District is located in the south central portion of Adams County approximately 19 miles southeast of the Denver International Airport and approximately 32 miles east of downtown Denver.  The District’s boundaries are generally located to the south of east 48th Ave., north of Interstate 70, west of Peterson Road, and east of east 30th Ave.  The current acreage of the District is 619.75 acres

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